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Educational Activities

The engagement of children is very important to the project team in all aspects of the project. Educational authorities in each of the three countries are associated with the project to ensure the dissemination of information to teachers of history, languages and the social and earth sciences. The construction site of the boat replica will be open to schools, subject to certain conditions (notably security). For children who are unable to visit Dover (in Kent in the UK) a videoconferencing system will be organised.

As part of the exhibition, information will be provided written specifically for children, including the creation of booklets to accompany the displays. A guide to assist teachers in planning a visit to the exhibition will also be available.  These documents will be available for download from the project website from June 2012. A competition for children will be organised during the exhibition based on the themes of the displays:  three competitions will be held at the three exhibition locations (thus one contest every 6 months). The competition will involve the creation of either a written or unwritten work, by an individual or a class (one work per class). Written entries will be in the language of the country where the exhibition is being held. Prizes (original artwork, days with the project archaeologists) will be awarded after each competition and the winners brought together at the end of the project.

An educational kit will be produced as part of the project, focussing on the themes of archaeology and Transmanche societies. Its purpose is to provide teachers with a tool that can be used independently in the study of history, social and earth sciences and languages. The kits will include archaeological artefacts, tools and documents created especially for the exhibition, including videos and multimedia. It will be launched at the conference in Ghent in 2013 which shall bring together teachers and specialist educationalists of the three countries, and made freely available to the educational profession in 2014.



Par-delà l'horizon, l'exposition archéologique multisensorielle, grand public et familiale...

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Galerie photographique

L'équipe du projet vous propose de retrouver des photographies du projet dans sa galerie Flickr.

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Qu'est-ce que BOAT 1550 BC ?

Logo Boat1550BC

BOAT 1550 BC est le nom du projet de valorisation lié à la découverte, en 1992 dans le port de Douvres, d'un très ancien bateau de l'Âge de bronze...

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