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KASCEN | Exhibition concept and design

Kascen (logo)KASCEN | Exhibition concept and design

The Brussels agency Kascen has designed a surprising, multi-sensory and fun scenography for the
"Beyond the horizon" exhibition.

A copy of the remarkable Bronze Age boat discovered in Dover in 1992 dominates the exhibition: 9m long and 1 ton of assembled wood, especially built for the exhibition and armed with 16 oars, the boat floats as if suspended on the crest of a wave. Combining superb archaeological objects, amazing graphics, games and multimedia, the exhibition takes the visitors on a voyage to meet the people of the Bronze Age. The exhibition recreates their world with the sound of the oars hitting the water, the smell of the seaweed and of melted metal and with tool marks visible on the oak and the bronze….. Young visitors are particularly welcome: they can try their hand at boat building, make up a Bronze Age menu or do a giant jigsaw that retraces the work of the archaeologists…. They can even have their picture taken as a cross channel navigator in an interactive photo booth! Gold necklaces, swords and warrior helmets or simple cooking pots…..the exhibition is full of amazing objects, which are of particular interest for archaeologists, brought especially from all over Europe. The exhibition also puts the archaeologists under the spotlight, already well known from films, comic strips and games. Their passion prises information from pottery, wood and metal and these objects whisper their past in the ears of the visitors….. The graphic design of "Beyond the horizon" is inspired by the mysterious decorative motifs of the Bronze Age. The circle is constantly present, from jewellery to tumuli: it can be found in the curves of the furniture, in the arrangement of the exhibition or in the style of the illustrations. The exhibition goes on a quest with the archaeologist in search of forgotten knowledge, where the activities of the past come to life in large frescos. Bronze is cast, gold is decorated, wood is carved, wool is woven, … Make a date with the cross channel people of the Bronze Age. The exhibition will open at the Chateau-Museum in Boulogne-sur-Mer on June 29th.

Julie Becker for Kascen